Rainy days and Mondays

Finally, we got some rain and a decent thunder/lightening storm. I am a big fan of storms, especially those that are loud and last a long time. These hot Texas summers beg for rainstorms to quench the parched grass and all the bushes and flowers we put so much care into planting in our backyard.
Figures after weeks of 100+ degree heat and relentless sunshine, today it storms, when Sierra had to take a flight to CT (and poor Sierra is already scared of flying). The storms delayed her flight a few hours, and thank goodness she called a little while ago to tell me she made it there safely. I hate it when she is gone. I just want this week to go by fast.
Besides the fact Sierra will return on Monday Aug 3, I also have ankle surgery scheduled that day. So, this week stinks for two reasons. One, my first born child whom I adore and enjoy being around is not here. Two, I am supposed to stay off my ankle. Do you know how hard it is to stay off your ankle? Thank god I work from home, but being a mommy and homemaker requires a certain amount of walking around to feed everybody and do all the chores, no to mention the task of entertaining the kids.
Zoe and Thomas did their homework this morning and then played imagination for a while, painted with watercolors after lunch, and now Zoe is at her friend’s house while Thomas plays Wii upstairs. I guess I better take this opportunity to take a shower.
Joe has a late (and very important) meeting tonight, so it will just be me and the little kids home for dinner. I think I’ll keep it simple.

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