Obama’s birth certificate and the health care debate

I’m listening to the news (msnbc) and I don’t see why there is still a debate about Obama not being born in America. It’s already been substantiated that he was born in HI. It’s ridiculous. Let it go people. And who cares about the beer summit and what kinds of beer they drank. I think all the republicans who are complaining need to get over it and accept Obama won the election fair and square and get on board to try to find some middle ground.

Chiming in on the health care debate – glad to hear there has been some compromise on the ideas for reform and hopeful they will figure out a win/win solution. I think offering a public option in addition to private insurance is a smart idea. If you like your private insurance you can keep it. If you don’t you can go to the public option. They have to figure out how everything will be paid for, but I am hopeful and confident they can come with some solutions.

The dow is up, we are losing jobs slower than six months ago, the recession is slowly coming around. I think we are headed in the right direction.


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