I’m still trying to finish Harry Potter 7. I got it when it was first released and it didn’t catch my interest like the other 6. I trudged my way through it until I was 2/3 of the way done and it was finally getting good. Then I left it at the gym…big mistake…because nobody turned it in. Somebody picked it up and took it home. Great. So, now I checked out the audio CDs from the library and am trying to finish it that way, although it takes so long to listen to the narrator read it, not sure if I am going to get through it that way. I just want to know if/how Harry dies…

I’ve also joined a book club in the neighborhood to help me build my pleasure reading habit. The first book we read, The Memory or Running, was ok. The Hour I First Believed was about Columbine. Good book. Then we read Good Christian Bitches, not so good. Now we are on Driftwood summer. Haven’t started it yet..

In the meantime, I have started on the Twilight Series. Saw the movie and hated it. Everybody says the book is better, so I made it through #1, and yes I agree, the book was better than the movie. So, now I am on New Moon (#2) So far so good.

By Susanne Nelson Posted in books

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