another day

Another day of healing. Another day lying around. I watched President Obama’s town hall on health care today and thought he did a great job dispelling all the myths out there. I am hopeful people will come together and agree on something. It seems to me a public option is a good idea. I forgot to call my congressman’s office today to express my support of health insurance reform. I guess I will have to do it tomorrow.

Haven’t made any progress in either of my books, New Moon or Driftwood Summer, today but have been doing a lot of thinking and resting and playing around on facebook. Took care of all the bills on Monday. Listening to the news pretty much all day with a slight break for some comedy and some wife swap.

Sierra went to pick up her schedule today. Can’t believe she is now a junior! We decided to let her drop out of the GT/AP versions of her classes so she can get more As instead of Bs and get her class rank up so she has a better chance of getting into the colleges she is interested in. Zoe and Thomas are w/ Joe’s mom until tomorrow, so the house is quiet. At least they are not making a big mess as usual! But of course I miss them and look forward to seeing them tomorrow when they come home.

Am craving pad thai and wondering if they are made with rice noodles only – like no wheat or corn. Joe should be home soon so we’ll figure out something for dinner.

Made an appointment to get my cast off next week, Tues Aug 18. Tutoring tomorrow, Thurs, and Friday. It will be a nice change of pace from doing nothing all day!


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