summer is over, well kind of

It’s the last Saturday of summer for the girls. Where did the summer go? Why does time always fly when you are having fun? I’ve been making them work hard on academics over the summer, so they SHOULD be ready to go back to school. Keeping my fingers crossed they will both behave in class and do their work to the best of their abilities!!

Thomas misses the cut off for kindergarten so he will be home with me for another year. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be home with him.

Listening to the news about ‘pay to play’ for sports in schools. Yup, it’s pretty expensive here for that kind of thing. It wasn’t that way when I grew up. If you made the team you made it and didn’t have to pay anything extra to participate!

My ankle surgery pretty much ruined the last half of my summer. Good thing we live in TX and it stays hot and sunny here for a while, so I still have some nice weather to look forward to when I get better. Also, the pool at our gym stays open till the end of September, so hopefully I can have a little bit of pool time after I get out of my walking boot.

By Susanne Nelson Posted in kids

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