Isn’t it Ironic?

Limits on social networking sites? You can’t comment too much or request too many friends in one day? Shouldn’t limits be relative to the total number of friends you have?

Sen. Ted Kennedy died yesterday. Everybody knew it was coming as he battled brain cancer for the past year. I think it’s ironic that people don’t get to live to hear what is said about them after death. Even in this case when it was anticipated, it’s not until the person dies that the media makes a big deal out of them and airs programs honoring their lives and achievements. If I knew I was dying, I’d kind of like to hear what I meant to everybody BEFORE the fact. With that said, his passing marks the end of an era. The beginning of a new Kennedy generation as he was the last of three incredible brothers who tried to make our world a better place. Even though they called him the “Liberal Lion” he was known for having many close friends across the aisle.


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