Homecoming, head injuries, and happy hour

This is homecoming weekend for the kids at the local high school. Sierra is at the game right now with her date and two other couples. We took pics before they left w/ the couples wearing their garters and mums. For all non-Texas people…it is tradition here. Girls wear ‘mums’ and boys wear ‘garters’ which are fancy personalized ribbon, teddy bear, charms etc. type things (see the picture). The couples wear them to school on homecoming Friday and to the game at night. Tomorrow is the dance and Sierra will also be going out for dinner at Jinbeh, a delicious Japanese steak house/sushi place in town. Great idea guys!

Wow has it ever been a long two weeks since Thomas fell down and got a hairline skull fracture. I just took him to Ft. Worth to see a pediatric neurosurgeon today at Cook Children’s Medical Center to follow up on the ER and pediatrician visits. Luckily, he said the fracture is very small and won’t require any follow up care, not even another CT scan. However, he also suffered a concussion, so for the next 4-6 weeks we need to keep Thomas calm and resting. Let me tell you this is no easy feat with a four year old boy. He understands his head is hurt, but he still wants to run and jump and play rough all the time. Thank God there was no damage to his brain. We just have to get through the next month or so without letting him hurt it any more and keep an eye on his symptoms.

Zoe is playing at one of our awesome neighbors’ houses. It’s nice she has a good friend right across the street to play with and such a nice way to start the weekend for her. She has gymnastics Tues and Thurs nights for 5 hrs/week plus school and mommy homework plus chores, so the school weeks are always long for her and the weekends are her chance to play and relax. Her friends parents, the Weathers, are hosting our neighborhood happy hour tomorrow night, and I can’t wait!

We get together on an almost monthly basis for happy hour/parties with our neighbors, and different people take turns hosting every month. It is a great way for parents to socialize and for the kids to play. In the summers, people with pools host and the kids have lots of fun swimming. It’s a great way for the neighborhood to come together and get to know each other. Have I mentioned yet that I love our neighborhood?

We moved to Texas in 2006 to take advantage of the housing market. Being a family of five, we were bursting at the seams in our 1600 sq. ft. townhouse in Burke, VA (a DC suburb). Joe transferred w/ his law firm from DC to Dallas, and we got a 3500 sq. ft single family home for less $$. The house is beautiful, and our neighborhood is awesome. I do miss DC and all my friends and my mom there, but living in such a nice house is definitely a trade off. Our lives literally changed overnight. Plus we have found that it is a great small town to live in . The schools are good, and there is a lot of school spirit. It’s lacking a bit on restaurants, but there is plenty of everything nearby, and the weather is nice most of the time. All in all, my vote is ‘don’t mess with Texas!’ 🙂

By Susanne Nelson Posted in kids

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