Greenpeace Blog Action Day for Climate Change

Greenpeace is calling on bloggers to blog about climate change today. Since they asked, I will oblige. It is time for the US to take action to make a real difference in the world on the topic of climate change. I believe the science. I believe the glaciers are melting, and temperatures are steadily rising over geologic time. I believe that humans use too many fossil fuels, and our carbon emissions are causing negative changes in the atmosphere. I believe that we as humans have the responsibility of using our big brains to do something to stop the destruction we are causing. The US and the rest of the world need to work together to reduce carbon emissions and to use cleaner energy. We have the technology, but politics and corporate greed often stand in the way of using cleaner technology. We are making small steps in the right direction. Even in my short lifetime, I have seen awareness and action increase over the past few decades. We need to keep up this momentum and increase our efforts and cooperation with the rest of the world so we can continue to make things better. The planet is what gives us life. We need to take care of it.


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