June has arrived

If it seems that my blog is monopolized by the subject of ALLERGIES, well that is because I suffer from a zillion allergies and they monopolize my world. Besides being a mom and tutor, I am pretty much the queen of allergies. It seems like I am always one step behind them too, trying to figure out what is it that is causing my symptoms now?? The past few nights have been awful, waking up with that roof of the mouth/sinus/deep inside my ears/head itching that won’t go away. My eyes are crusty in the corners. I have hives on my arms and legs. My lips itch. I can’t stop sneezing lately.

For the environmental stuff (dust, dust mites, trees/grasses, molds, cats, mildew etc.) I give myself two shots in the legs just about every week. I take allegra and use nasonex. For the chemical allergies (fragrances and 4 pages of chemicals) I try avoiding everything although that’s pretty hard with people spraying sunscreen and perfume and don’t get me started on guys who wear too much cologne. Foods? Well I know I’m allergic to corn and wheat and sugar since corn is related to cane sugar. I think I’m allergic to yeast but I don’t want to admit it because I love wine and yeast is used in wine making. I think that’s my next step – eliminate wine for two weeks. That should make life more interesting right?

It sure must be nice to be a normal person who doesn’t have to worry about any of these things…

Today is June 1. The kids get out of school at lunch time on June 3. Time flies. Ready for summer!


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