Messing with Texas

August marked four years since we moved to Texas from Virginia.  We moved here to take advantage of the housing market, and Joe was able to transfer with his law firm to their Dallas office.  We love our house, and the weather is nice and sunny most of the time.  Spring and Fall last a long time, summer is wicked hot, and winter is mild and short.  Southern hospitality is another perk.  Boys and men hold doors open for me, and when I say thank you, they answer, “Yes ma’am.” Wow that’s something you don’t hear too often on the east coast.  Beyond those nice things, however, I have found a few reasons to mess with Texas:

1.  Gov. Rick Perry and his assertion that we should secede from the USA. No thanks. That’s crazy talk!

2.  Joe Barton‘s apology to BP when they are the people who should be apologizing to the American people for ruining the Gulf.  He certainly doesn’t speak for me, and it’s embarassing.

3.  TX leads the nation in teen pregnancies.  Enough said.

4.  TX is last in the nation for organ donation.  Now that’s sad.  I know somebody has to come in last place, but with as large a land mass and population we have, you would think more people would be aware of the need for viable organs and be selfless enough to register.

Be a Hero, register at:      or!/TaylorsGift

5.  There are no state standards for supervision of students in schools. Instead it’s left up to each principal of each school.  At my daughter’s elementary school, they save money by letting parent volunteers watch classes instead of hiring substitutes when they have staff meetings on site.  I guess they think being a parent qualifies you to be a teacher.  At my son’s preschool, they believe that 4 year olds are old enough to walk the hallways by themselves to prepare them for kindergarten where the same leniency is permitted.  Please.  They are 4 years old! They aren’t old enough to supervise themselves!

6.  Christian hypocrites.  Christianity is in fashion here.  Even the teenagers think it’s cool.  Too bad they aren’t walking the walk the way they talk the talk.  They backstab their neighbors and are intolerant of diversity.  They wear purity rings and then turn around and lose their virginity in high school, hence the teen pregnancy problem.  Get real!

7. The state legislature recently approved a measure to rewrite the history books to reflect the conservative agenda.  How is that ok?  History is history and should be taught accurately.

8. No homework in the elementary school because homework is not good for kids.  WHAT??

9.  George Bush as President 2000-2004

10.  George Bush as President 2004-2008.  It’s insanity to try the same things over and over and expect a different result.

11. Texas leads the nation in alcohol related deaths.

12.  Texas leads the nation in emissions of greenhouse gases.

13.  Texas is also the only state in the union that refuses to have greenhouse gas emissions regulated by the EPA.  In fact, Gov. Rick Perry is suing the EPA over its finding that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Please.

14.  Texas lawmakers propose Christian language in funerals for non-Christian soldiers?

15.  Texas is ranked #44 out of 50 states in per pupil spending in public schools.

16.  Texas is ranked #50 out of #50, that’s right LAST or HIGHEST in the nation depending on which way you look at it, on the number of elderly and children who go without health insurance….and 50th in the nation for per capita spending for mental health.

17.  No cap on teacher/student ratio for middle and high schools.  The ratio for elementary schools is 22 students for every 1 teacher.


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