Genesis 1-3

     The other day, I downloaded a bible app for my iPhone. Mainly I wanted to use it as a reference for looking up verses, but I noticed it also came with a reading plan to read the entire bible in one year. The first day’s assignment wasn’t very long, Genesis 1-3.  I was raised Christian (Methodist), and grew up with a single mother who played organ at churches for her second job, so I’ve been to many a church service, a Sunday School class, and vacation bible school.  I’ve studied the bible before, but I never completely committed myself to the church because of my skepticism.  When I went to college, I became interested in Philosophy and Religion classes and took several courses on eastern religions.  The farther I expanded my horizons, the greater my world view became, and even though I was raised as a Christian, I believe there is a lot of wisdom in other world religions as well. In fact, I believe there are common threads among all religions, specifically people trying to answer the big questions like why are we here and where do we go after we die?  Early humans tried to answer scientific questions like why there was day and night etc. Each culture has its own myths and prophets and sets of rules to live by.  Yet I don’t believe that any one religion has the cornerstone on truth.  How can one be right when all the others are wrong (Christians make up only about a third of the world population)?  How does any mortal know the mysteries of the universe? 
     Back to Genesis.  If this was a novel that I had just begun, I would have to put it down.  It’s really too far fetched and hokey for me.  God made the world in six days and then rested?  He just said let there be light and there was and it was good?  Really?  He made man from dust and gave him dominion over every living thing?  And to add insult to injury, he took a rib from Adam when he was sleeping and fashioned a woman to be Adam’s helper?  Woman comes from man?  Created just to be man’s helpmate?  Really?  Then of course it’s all her fault that the serpent can persuade her to eat an apple (after God already told Adam they could eat anything in the garden of eden, just not of that one tree) which then allows Adam and Eve to have the knowledge they are naked and should cover up their privates with loin cloths?  Because God is so mad at Eve for eating the apple, she and all women are cursed to painful childbirth?  This is clearly my opinion and is not meant to cause offense to any readers, but I seriously can’t get past the beginning of this story.  It’s really far fetched, and I have a hard time understanding how so many people can adhere to these words like they are the truth and throw out all the scientific understanding that has taken place since the bible was written.  Can’t people see that there is day and night because of the workings of the sun and moon?  Can’t people see that the fossil record clearly shows us that species developed over time and not every species was created in the first six days of existence?  Can’t women see they are equal human beings to men?  Women aren’t here just to help men. That is ridiculous and demeaning to women everywhere!  I can see how humans are blessed with big brains and have the power to single-handedly wipe out the rest of the species on the planet, but this kind of ‘dominion’ over all other living things is a very destructive mindset.  We may have more brain power than the other beings, but that doesn’t give us the right to destroy animal/plant species and wild habitats. 


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