FOR TODAY: September 11, 2011

Outside my window… the sun is going down. It was in the 90s today but it’s nice and cool out right now. Enjoying not having triple digit heat!
I am thinking…about all the people who lost their lives on 9/11 and all those who continue to suffer from loss today.
I am thankful…for my family and friends.  And most of all, I am thankful for the gift of life!

From the learning rooms…not much going on this weekend.  Zoe’s been working on an art project and a social studies project (making her own continent). 
In the kitchen…shrimp stir fried with yellow, green, and red peppers with brown rice and tamari.
I am wearing…grey shorts and a purple tank top.
I am creating…not really creating much these days unfortunately.

I am going…back to work tomorrow.  It’s been such a busy weekend, I’m wishing we had an extra day.
I am wondering…about my nickel allergies and my hand eczema.  Been researching it and found out more about naturally occuring nickel in foods.  Nickel allergies are specifically tied to hand eczema, so every time it erupts, it makes me learn more about it.  The other night, I ate canned tuna and canned peaches then reacted right away. I forgot that canned food would have a high nickel content, duh!!
I am reading…just finished my book. Looking into other titles to start next. Interested in Existentialism and looking up some famour philosophers like Sartre and Nietzche.
I am hoping…that we will get to see Brent sometime soon. Haven’t seen him since Christmas!
I am looking forward to…seeing Sierra in two weeks for parents’ weekend.  I miss her so much!

I am hearing…the TV (Cowboys game:)
Around the house…working on a lot of laundry (what’s new) and some home improvements. Joe just put in a new microwave and trim kit yesterday and put up our American flag out front today.
I am pondering…why bad things happen.  My church is running a series of sermons and sunday school classes this month to explore this topic.  So far, the message is that there is no great answer for WHY and even when there is, it isn’t very comforting.  The comforting and the peace comes with the HOW of how you move on after bad things happen.  The minister gave a few textbook answers like Genesis 3 when Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent but all in all, the original sin took place because of human choice.  Then with the story of Cain and Abel when one brother killed the other because of jealousy. And then again citing Deuteronomy 30, the lesson was if you are good and follow the ways of the lord life will be good but if you turn away from the lord bad things happen. None of these ‘textbook’ answers help me.  What about when innocent people have bad things happen to them even though they have followed the ways of the lord?  Human choice seems to be the obvious answer, but I find it curious that when humans choose to hate or to kill it is called human choice, not the work of God, but when good things happen, we automatically thank God for his goodness. 
One of my favorite things…snuggling with my kids.

A few plans for the rest of the week: work, work, work, kids have dance, baseball, and taekwondo, bunco Friday night with the girls!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing


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