Aren’t the Olympics amazing? It’s cool that the five rings represent the five major continents/land masses of the countries who compete and the colors are those that are present on every participating country’s flag. I remember being a little girl watching the Olympic games in Montreal and Lake placid. My idols were gymnasts Nadia Comaneci and Nelly Kim. Every four years the Olympics come around and we get a chance to see the best of the best compete against each other for world titles.

It’s cool to watch the opening ceremonies. The host countries share their culture with the world, and athletes from all over the world parade in amidst fans cheering and flags waving. Of course, my favorites are the US athletes since the USA is my home land, but I do love how the Olympics being the world together.

I can’t help but laugh about a recent conversation I heard on the radio. One of the female DJs said she thought Mexico wasn’t in North America. She said we are America, so how can Mexico be in America too? She didn’t realize the difference between the United States of America and The continent of North America. At least she was humble and said she has always been bad at geography, but it’s pretty sad that a popular radio personality doesn’t know such basic facts.

My favorite olympic sports to watch are gymnastics and swimming. But I’m humbled by all the sports and all the athletes. I wish I was so good at something that I could be the best in the world. What an incredible idea and goal these people train for their entire lives. I enjoy the sports and the competition. I’m inspired to be better.


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