30 Days of Truth: Day 8-Someone Who Has Made Your Life Hell

I’ve been thinking about this question for days.  I don’t like focusing on negative people or experiences. It’s difficult to answer this question without focusing on and giving more power to the negative person or people.  The best way to explain it is to write about how I grew from the experience.

What/Who was the problem, and how did I react to it?

How did I use that hellish feeling as an opportunity for growth?

I realized I have already written this entry, just not under this title.  It’s the entry called, “Pearls on a String” that sums up what happened on the day I quit my job in March 2012 (a first for me).  As a teacher, the administration can either make or break you unfortunately.  I learned some tough lessons about politics in the workplace, and I grew from the experience.  Some blessings come in disguise.

Here’s a link:


And this song fits nicely here:

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