Presidential Debate 10/3/12

Romney wins? He wins what?  Romney had me at, “I like coal.”  That alone says  a lot, and there is a stark difference between him and President Obama.  Romney’s body language was not presidential, and he was rude and interrupted both his opponent and the moderator. He wins interrupter-in-chief and attacker-in-chief.

Obama was not on the attack. Yes, he could have and should have mentioned important issues like climate change and the 47% and press his opponent for details on his plans.  He didn’t get down in the mud and fight with his opponent.  Some say that he got his ass kicked.  I say he took the high road and was respectful of the moderator and maintained presidential compusure.  He faced the moderator mostly, although he did make eye contact with Romney too.   He faced the camera and spoke to the American people.  He didn’t attend every argument he was invited to.  He could have done a better job of fighting back.  I wish he would have answered the “trickle-down government” question.  That was clearly a zinger rehearsed by the Romney campaign to say, ‘nu-uh you’re the one who trickles down’  (like in Tommy Boy when they are in the car eating m&ms and they roll down the dashboard).

But the approaches to the issues are still the same regardless of what was said last night.  Obama wins on having facts and details.  Obama is a net job creator.  Obama has a clear vision for clean energy growth balanced with domestic use of oil.  Obamacare keeps young people on their parents plans longer, provides preventative care at 100% and health care for many people who can’t afford it now including seniors.

Going into the debate, I expected President Obama to win. He did and does and will have my vote because I agree with and support his visions for ways to move forward into the future.  Going back to failed policies of the past like trickle-down economics is like Einstein’s definition of insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Listen people, the choice is clear. If you don’t know who you are voting for by now, you’re not looking at the issues. It’s time for you to look at each issue and see where you stand. Register to vote and use your vote. I won’t tell you whom to vote for, but I will tell you to vote because you can. Yes. you can!


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