Feel The Emotion In The President


Fired up and ready to go!
Today is election day in America.  It’s the day we celebrate democracy by using our votes to select the candidate we believe is best for the job. Let’s finish what we started and keep moving forward.
 I support President Obama.

Growing up in a Washington DC suburb, I remember hearing about presidential politics from a young age.  I met President Carter when I played Suzuki violin with his daughter, Amy.  I went to President Reagan‘s inauguration.  I went to a pre-inaugural ball for President Clinton‘s reelection.  I’ve toured the white house and the capitol building (and many other monuments and museums downtown).  I voted in every election since I turned eighteen.  I’m interested in news and politics, and I’m excited about the election.  I hope we know the results tonight.

My nineteen year old daughter doesn’t want to vote because she doesn’t know enough about the issues to decide.  She says she doesn’t want to vote for President Obama just because her parents vote for him, and she doesn’t want to vote for Governer Romney just because her friends vote for him.  This is the first presidential election she’s been old enough to vote, so I can understand that, but I encouraged her to get informed on the issues so she can pick one.  I sent her a link to a quiz to help her.  I took it too.  We live in Texas, and while Dallas County will go to the President Obama, overall it’s a republican state.  So, I can see why it’s hard for her to decide.  But, I hope she does decide, and I hope uses her vote today.

The same goes for my twenty year old stepson.  He said he registered to vote, but last time we talked about it, he said he was still undecided also.

Just remember a few reasons why it’s important to get out and VOTE…

  • Someone is going to win the election and be president for the next four years.
  • People fought for the rights of black and female voters.
  • Some countries do not live in a democracy.
  • Each voice has an opportunity to be heard.
  • Voting is a civic duty.

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