On Being High Maintenance

English: Romaine lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. ...

English: Romaine lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. longifolia). Français : Laitue romaine (Lactuca sativa var. longifolia). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My daughter (19) tells me I’m high maintenance. I don’t like to eat bad lettuce. When I go out to eat and order a salad, it sucks when they bring you a bowl of brown edged dark green mushy spotted lettuce. I ordered a salad because I wanted fresh vegetables. Don’t give me a bowl of old lettuce. So I send it back or at least tell the wait staff to let the kitchen know the lettuce is bad. This kind of behavior is embarrassing for my daughters, but hey if I’m spending ten dollars on a bowl of lettuce, I think it would be nice if the lettuce was fresh.

When my oldest daughter was in high school, I volunteered one time for a spaghetti dinner before a football game. It was catered by an Italian restaurant, and I was put in charge of the salad station. My job was to distribute the bagged lettuce into the individual bowls. I started picking through it and throwing out the pieces with any brown on them. The guy in charge quickly corrected me and told me not to do that. Of course I protested, saying I was just throwing out the bad parts. He insisted that I just do my job and keep filling the bowls. Yuck. I’ve been extra sensitive about lettuce since then. I know the people in the kitchen are trying to maximize profits. Not necessarily serve fresh food.

I drink wine, but I won’t drink it out of a plastic cup. It belongs in a glass. Isn’t that part of the experience? Red wines need bigger more bulbous shaped glasses, and whites (my favorite is oaky Chardonnay) go into smaller, taller shaped glasses. Apparently the glass and how much room it has to breathe affects the taste of the wine. Drinking it out of a plastic cup ruins the whole experience for me.

I am also a bit germaphobic. I use olive oil and lemon as salad dressing because of food allergies/intolerance. Once a waiter brought olive oil with no top. Instead someone had taken a small piece of cling wrap and stuffed it in the top. I couldn’t bring myself to use it. I had to ask them to bring me another one with a normal top.

One night on a road trip, my husband and I stopped to sleep at a hotel. The smell in the room was so bad (a mixture of mold and smoke) I couldn’t sleep. We had to get up in the middle of the night and leave because it was so bad.

As high maintenance as that may sound, I’m low maintenance in other ways. I’m not a super girly girl, and I can frequently be seen in public with no makeup and wet hair. I don’t mind getting done up, but it takes so much time.


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