Daily Prompt: My Hero

My hero is my husband. I grew up without my dad and always wanted to be a wife and mom. I craved what I didn’t have – a functional family unit. My first marriage failed, and then I was a single mom for four years. I wanted to remarry and have another baby to put a family back together for me and my daughter. That idea was scary to most guys I dated at the time. But he stepped up and committed to creating a healthy family life with me. He wasn’t afraid to love my daughter like she was his own. And he was ambitious with goals of getting us a nice house and a good job as a lawyer.

We got married and had a daughter right away. I was teaching and tutoring while he went through law school. We planned to have a little boy, and I stopped working when my husband found a job at a large firm in DC.

We moved to Texas, and he moved to a smaller, more family friendly law firm. My oldest daughter turns twenty this year, and she changed her last name to my husband’s. He is her hero too. When we both needed someone to step up to the plate and love us and provide for us, he was willing.

Because of his hard work and caring attitude, I have the opportunity to stay home full time (in our beautiful house) and focus on the children. He also supports me in tutoring math part time to pursue my professional interests. He is the rock of our family. He works hard to provide for us and takes special measures to help out with the kids and all the work and logistics of running a house and a family. We are truly a team, and I don’t know where I would be without him. He is definitely my hero.



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