At the eye doctor the other day, I failed two tests for glaucoma. It’s been about twelve years since my last visit, when I got a mild prescription for reading glasses. I can see ok faraway not close up. Since my last visit, I turned forty and have noticed my vision changing. I have to hold things farther away to read them, and I’ve noticed my left eye is a bit worse than the right one.

The left eye is the one with too much pressure. I don’t really knew if glaucoma runs in my family, but the doctor said I should ask someone. She also said I should have yearly exams since I failed the tests.

On closer examination of both retinas, she explained there wasn’t any damage to the ocular discs, and that both eyes looked really healthy. She said sometimes people have hard eyeballs, and it can increase pressure. Maybe that’s the case.

It was so weird to feel her push on my eyeball after giving me pain killing drops.

It was also so weird to see the pictures of the retinas. The ocular discs were bright yellow discs with veins branching out of them feeding the eyeballs. Amazing.



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