Thankful for Maids

I am so thankful I have maids who come to my house every other week to clean. My back hurts all the time, and it’s painful just picking everything up off the floor so they can clean. It’s a ton of work just getting ready for them. That might sound ridiculous, but unfortunately it’s true. I can’t imagine having to do all the work they do. I can barely keep up with all the surface cleaning in the two weeks between their visits, and I never really get to the deep cleaning. Since they come every two weeks, it keeps us all accountable for our things. I hate to think what it would be like without outside help.
Little kids in the house equals stuff everywhere despite the specifics of the kids and the stuff. Boys make a certain kind of mess and so do girls, just a different kind. Did I mention that my patio is covered in blue and silver glitter? The common denominator is that they undoubtedly need extra help from me to make their bedrooms, bathrooms, their living room, and the rest of the house suitable for deep cleaning. That means all of their little things that they barely notice everywhere have to be picked up by someone else…either me or my housekeepers. It’s not their job to do that, so I step in. When I pick up for the kids before the maids come, I throw everything in their closets. They have to deal with that one step at a time to get things where they belong. On particular days when the kids put zero effort into getting the upstairs ready, privileges do get lost and consequences are enforced. My daughter was at dance class for four hours plus a fifth hour in between classes last night, and she’s trying to get her science fair project done by tomorrow, so I don’t mind helping.
In fact, I’m grateful that I have help deep cleaning the house, and I’m grateful that I have two beautiful children living under my roof to make the messes. I’m grateful I have the time during the day while they are at school to tend to the small things in the house.
I don’t want to be the mom who stresses out on all that anymore. Been there, done that. It doesn’t help. What does help is appreciating everything that comes with having a family and continuing on a day to day basis to teach the kids how to do a little bit every day so it never becomes a huge job.
So there is glitter all over the patio. That’s the mark of my daughter having fun being creative in the back yard with a friend. She can clean it up.
So there are clothes to pick up and laundry to do. My kids have enough clothes to wear. We all work on it, one load at a time. So there are toys and books and movies and remotes everywhere.
So there are lots of extra toys around that my son never plays with because he’s outgrown them. I boxed them up and gave them to the maids (they both have young kids). Win win.
So there are always dishes to do. We have enough to eat. We work on it, one dishwasher full at a time.
So what my kids aren’t perfectly organized. Who is? They are learning. It’s my job to teach them.



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