My Experiences with a Ouija Board

Have you ever used a Ouija board? Although its a cardboard board game made by Hasbro, it claims to allow users to commune with the Spirit world. There is a game board with every letter of the alphabet as well as numbers, hello, goodbye, yes, and no. Players touch a plastic piece, and it moves around the board to spell out answers to questions. People use them to talk to the dead. Ouija boards open up a door to the world beyond ours, and people can supposedly communicate with spirits.

I played with Ouija boards when I was in college. I played with friends at school in Lexington, VA, and I played with friends on visits to my childhood home in Springfield, VA. I was open to the idea but recognized the probability that of one of my friends pushing the plastic piece around.

Things changed for me when one particular spirit consistently started talking to me. It kept spelling out SUSU (I went by Susie back then). I would ask, “who is this?” And it would answer, “SATAN.” Freaked out? Yes. But I thought my friends were probably messing with me. Then the same thing happened with different friends in Lexington while I was at college. I played with entirely different people and didn’t tell them about what happened at home. I didn’t understand how the same thing could happen with entirely different people. And I know I wasn’t doing it.

Then one night, I woke up with half my bedroom on fire. I fell asleep with a candle lit. It was on top of a speaker with a bandana under it like a little table cloth. Don’t hate-I was in college. I also had a tie-dyed tapestry hanging from the wall and some dirty laundry on the floor by the speaker. All of it was on fire, speaker and everything. Adrenaline pumping, I called 911, woke my roommate and got out of the apartment. I think four fire trucks arrived on the scene. It was quite a scare.

The next time I played with the Ouija board was the very last time I ever played or will play again in my life. Again, ‘SATAN’ contacted me and called me ‘SUSU.’ Then it said, “FIRE LAVA HAHA’ over and over again. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

I packed it up and went to the back of the apartment building and threw it in the dumpster.

Real or not, it freaked me out. I can’t explain what happened.

I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts, but I also don’t think there is evidence against the possibility of ghosts. So who knows? I just know I’m staying away from Ouija boards!


5 comments on “My Experiences with a Ouija Board

  1. Thanks so much for posting this. Most people think that a Ouija board is a harmless game. I was one of those people. After I became a Christian, I asked a preacher about Ouija boards and he directed me to Deuteronomy 18: 9-14, which forbids occult practices. I went home and burned the Ouija board. Within a week, I saw an apparition, a large disembodied hand. Up to this point, I found it hard to believe that satan and the demonic realm really existed. Now I now that satan and demons are real indeed.

    I repented, asked God to forgive me (even though I did not know that the Ouija board was a form of spiritualism or that it was wrong when I used it). I called the preacher and asked him why the apparition appeared AFTER I burned the board. He said it was because satan was angry with me because he (satan) had lost his hold on me in that area.

    I’m careful now about what I read and what I watch on TV and in the movies. God is supernatural, and my life in Him through Christ is exciting. The satanic realm is a counterfeit and a snare.

    I’m grateful that you shared your experience. I’ve been a bit reluctant to share mine, but I’m speaking out now. May God bless you for exposing the fact that the Ouija board is not a game in the traditional sense but a dangerous trap.

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