Friday Fiction #7: Love

It’s romance month in my group, the Friday Fiction Femmes Fatales. We all write fiction on Fridays based on the same prompts. If you missed the first six episodes, there are links below, and don’t forget to visit the other blogs to see what the other Femmes Fatales wrote with the same prompt (links below).


Amanda reflected on the many faces of love in her life as she soaked in a hot bubble bath with lavender oil and mineral salts. Vanilla candles sent a soft scent into the air and a golden hue to her mood. Her tired body ached with tension. Children, parents, husband. Life was an interesting ride, and she took some time to herself to appreciate her many blessings while the house was quiet. As she slowly relaxed, she thought about Richard and what she could do to make Valentine’s Day special for him. After so many years together and so much tragedy and stress, their love was a complex being of its own with a complicated dynamic. Love waxes and wanes. She wanted to believe in the strength of their marriage and commitment, but she also had doubts of its everlasting nature.

She feared inside that he would someday leave her (just like her father did), and she put up defensive walls to keep herself from what she perceived as a sense of impending doom. Her parents divorced when she was a baby, and her father was absent in her life. So, she didn’t have a good role model for marriage. She wanted to be married more than anything precisely because of this gaping hole in her psyche. She grew up wanting to create stability that she didn’t have. Yet she feared she would lose it once she had it. She needed to find a balance.

As fearful and doubtful she was, and as conflicted as he was, Richard stayed with her. His actions spoke louder than his words. He blamed her, but he didn’t leave her after Ella and Anderson died (like he threatened to). He didn’t leave her when she embarrassed him by getting a DUI. He forgave her for having lunch with an ex-boyfriend and supported her through her darkest days. He was by her side when Robert clung to life in the hospital. They didn’t spend much time together as a couple anymore, but he was truly her best friend and a constant companion in her life. Even though they weren’t very religious, they did get married in a church, and they both took their vows seriously. In sickness and in health. Through good times and bad. Until death do we part. She really wanted to believe that.

She learned from Dr. Phil that the key to a sane and healthy marriage is to wake up every day asking what you can do to make life better for your spouse. When both partners are doing that, they are both moving toward each other. It sounded so simple, but in real life, it was too easy to let problems and their busy schedules get in the way. She asked herself what she could do for Richard to make their love stronger. She didn’t want to take him for granted, blindly believing he would stay with her. She realized she needed to do more to work her way back into his heart.

“Honey, are you home? Amanda?” Richard called as he came in the front door.

What is he doing home in the middle of the day? She wondered. “In here, taking a bath” she shouted so he could hear her.

He came around the corner holding a vase filled with twelve long-stemmed roses and a sly grin on his face. “Surprise! Happy birthday! I took the rest of the week off, and we are going to Hawaii. Your favorite hotel in Maui, the Ritz-Carlton.”

It’s where they spent their honeymoon. This trip would certainly be different. “What about the kids?”

“They are coming too. It’s all been arranged. Don’t worry. You deserve it. We deserve it. ” He started rubbing her shoulders and kissing her cheek. “I love you Amanda. You are so special to me.”

Her heart melted. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the massage. “Want to join me?” she flirted jokingly.

“Why don’t you join me?” he answered, loosening his tie and taking off his shoes while sitting on the bed.

She couldn’t resist. She got out of the tub, slipped on her satin robe and jumped on the bed playfully. “Your turn,” she said as she started to rub his shoulders and neck.


. zoe hearts

Here is the prompt: BELIEF + DOUBT = SANITY

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16 comments on “Friday Fiction #7: Love

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  2. I felt your piece was a culmination of life lessons that we all need to learn and constantly remind ourselves…relationships are work. I also loved how you painted Amanda’s sense of peacefulness and reflection. We all need that time to stop … and take a bubble bath. Nice work!

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