Playing Guitar

I took my first guitar lesson in eighth grade. That year, I learned how to play several popular songs like Stairway to Heaven, I Love Rock n Roll, Leroy Brown, and If. I played on and off through the years and got my first electric guitar at forty years of age. ln college, I took another beginner guitar class and recorded Driver 8 (REM) and Uncle John’s Band (Grateful Dead) as projects. Although I could play the chords pretty well, I’ve just been learning more about soloing and music theory over the past couple of years that I’ve been taking private lessons.

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar (Photo credit: DaveOnFlickr)




Guitar 2

Guitar 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Once a week, my teacher comes over to my house to give me a lesson. He also gives lessons over Skype and has a website with an extensive library of video lessons. I’m learning some easier songs as well as some difficult theory and solos. We’ve been having fun using the app called JamUp to slow down the music and play along with it. I don’t practice every single day like I want to, but I do make some time to play during the weeks and at least the weekly lesson holds me accountable. This Friday, we will be recording me playing “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC. Here is his website for future reference:

You Shook Me All Night Long

You Shook Me All Night Long (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For now, you can enjoy these songs I’ve previously recorded:

I’m not that confident with my soloing or improvising yet, but I’ve recorded a few songs on the acoustic guitar and posted them to my YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading this entry. Peace out!


5 comments on “Playing Guitar

  1. I love good ol’ rock n’ roll too. I grew up on the Stones, AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, Hendrix… that is so awesome you are learning to play guitar! My older daughter wants to take lessons so I told her this summer we’d look into it. Maybe she could learn a few of these tunes some day! 🙂

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