Dallas World Aquarium

These are some of the critters we saw when we went to the Dallas World Aquarium a few weeks ago. My oldest (20) was home from school and wanted to visit the aquarium before she went back to college for the rest of the summer. I was happy to hear she wanted to go!  It was cool because as we entered the building its started off looking like a zoo with land animals and a large aviary with waterfalls and water below.  We transitioned from land and air animals to water then underwater animals inside the aquarium.  These are some pictures of cool things I saw.20130527-145447.jpg

Yum, I love crab legs!  These crabs were huge!







Just keep swimming!



I wonder how they stand on one leg like that when they are sleeping.


This is me doing a handstand outside the front door for the #handstand365 challenge.

Thanks for reading this entry. Peace out!



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