Bike ride

These are some pictures I took along a bike ride the other day. I haven’t been able to ride my bike on the paved trails that wind through our city for a few months due to a sprained knee in March. The other day was the first time I got back on it and started pedaling down the path with the intent of seeing if I could go all the way across town and back. I kept it in a low gear and coasted as much as I could, and good news is that I made it! I stopped to take a few pictures along the way because I think it’s such a pretty ride. Although I saw lots of wildlife like herons, ducks, loons, many birds, squirrels, and turtles, I only snapped a few shots. I also took panoramic shots of the three main stops along thew way. Living in suburbia isn’t all that bad when a trail like this one is so close to home. 20130607-105715.jpg


Can you really tell wildflowers where to grow? Doesn’t that go against their wild nature?





The other end of the trail. I made it to the end! It loops back to where I started.20130607-105843.jpg


A picture of my handlbars and front tire. I need a new bike, but this one still gets the job done!20130607-105909.jpg



Lovely isn’t it? This area is kept up by our homeowner’s association. The dead snake is just an extra touch. Yuck! Thanks for reading this entry. Peace out!20130607-110222.jpg




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