30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 20 Water


This is a picture of the outdoor pool at my gym, my favorite place to be on the weekends and in the summers. Since we live in Texas and it’s pretty hot here, the pool at the gym opens up about a month earlier and stays open about a month later than usual. I’ve always loved swimming and can remember learning the different strokes as a child in lessons. I’m thankful today that I learned all four strokes as a child because as an adult it was easy to pick up swimming as a healthy habit since I remembered how to do it. My two daughters both swam on swim teams in elementary school, but then they both became dancers so they didn’t pursue swimming, but I’m happy they learned how to do it as children. My youngest child, my son, can swim pretty well while playing around in the water, but he hasn’t learned to swim laps in a straight line yet. We just started his swimming lessons the other day. Summer is full of fun things to do, but swimming is definitely my favorite!  Our gym, Lifetime Fitness, also has indoor pools with a water slide as well as jacuzzis, steam rooms, and saunas.  It’s my favorite place to go to work out and unwind.

Thanks for reading this entry. Peace out!


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