Happiness Survey


1.  Are you happy when you wake up in the morning? Why or why not?  Usually no, I am not happy when I wake up in the morning because I need a lot of sleep and rarely get it.  I am usually grumpy because I am still tired and my joints are stiff and achy in the mornings.  I found out I had sleep apnea and had the UPPP surgery to carve out the back of my throat and make it easier to breathe at night. After retesting, I still have mild sleep apnea, although I was much worse before the surgery.  Regardless, I still need around ten hours of sleep to feel good.

2.  If you could transport to the happiest place in the world, where would you be?  Hawaii, specifically Kaui or Maui.  They are both beautiful islands with beautiful beaches, and I am at my best when I’m at the beach.  I went to Hawaii twice in 1999 and 2000 and visited Hawaii, Maui, and Kaui.  Loved the tropical beaches, snorkeling, and swimming.

3.  What activity or hobby do you feel the happiest doing?  Probably yoga. It’s a close call with swimming, but I’m going to go with yoga.  It is relaxing and helps manage my pain, and it’s also strengthening. Yoga teaches me to slow down and pay attention to my breath and the present moment. It teaches me how to be calm and peaceful.  I do a little yoga every single day, and I go to yoga classes a few times a week.

4.  Is your happiness dependent on other people or yourself?  I am learning to depend on myself for happiness. Depending on other people for happiness is a recipe for disappointment.  Happiness is really a mindset of positivity and gratefulness.  No matter how bad things get, it helps to look at the world through humble, grateful eyes.

5.  Do you think happiness is luck or is it a practiced mindset?  I think happiness is a practiced mindset. Maybe when we are children, happiness might be based on luck, but when we are adults with a conscious choice over our attitudes, happiness becomes a mindset.  Without practice, it doesn’t work.  We don’t have to be happy all the time, but knowing HOW to be happy regardless of circumstances is a skill that needs practice.  Every day, we have a choice of how we will look at the world and our lives.  I think to choose a happy mindset means to wake up each day humble and grateful for everything we have.  I think choosing a happy mindset is something that takes work.

6.  What is something small that always makes you happy?  Snuggling.  I love hugging. I love affection.  Snuggling with my husband or kids always makes me happy, even though it’s a little thing.

7.  What is something about you that has never changed since you were little?  My eyes have never changed since I was little.  I’m half Korean and used to get teased about being asian when I was a kid.  I even asked my mom if I could have the surgery to change my eyes.  Thankfully, she said no.  Today, I am proud of my asian heritage and love that all three of my kids got my asian eyes.

8.  What would your younger self tell your current self to do today?  Play. Climb trees. Ride bikes. Swim.  Have fun.  Hang out with your friends. It will all be ok.

9. Is fear of failure holding you back from a certain goal?  Possibly, yes. I want to take Calculus since I never had to take it in college.  I took College Algebra in 2007 and still need to take Trigonometry and Precalculus before I can take Calculus.  I met a friend when I took College Algebra, and he died in a tragic accident.  It made me not want to go back to community college. I don’t want to be out of my peer group again and risk making those relationships.  It just hurts too much.  I’ve studied Trigonometry online at khanacademy.org , but I haven’t completed the class for credit yet.

10.  At age 100, what would be one thing you would regret not doing/trying?  I think I would regret it if I never went to Korea to try to find my family there.  My dad was born and raised there, and his parents died before I ever met them.  My father took my brother there without me when I was in my 20s and I was so hurt by that. I wonder if I will ever meet my Korean family.  I’d like to try, but I don’t know if it will ever happen.

I’d love to hear your answers to these questions!  Thanks for reading this entry. Peace out.

Sunset on Kauai

Sunset on Kauai (Photo credit: Robert Gourley)


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