Goodbye Tom Brady


Tom Brady was a good dog.  We got him with his sister in March 2008 from a breeder in Sherman, Texas.  They were siblings.  We picked Marley (right) first because of her distinctive look with one white eye.  Then we picked Tom Brady (left) because of his classic Boston Terrier markings.  He was handsome and sweet.


He learned how to sit, and that’s about it. He never wanted to lie down on command. I’d have to force him to lie down.  He and Marley spent every waking moment together and slept curled up next to each other.


His collar used to irritate his neck. He had pink eczema like spots on his neck, so sometimes we would take off his collar to let his skin breathe.  One day we put him and Marley outside to eat some fresh beef bones from the grocery store, and we never saw him again.20131018-160430.jpg

He had gotten out of our fence before, but we got him back the same day from some neighbors.  We have an email group for our homeowners’ association, and in the past that has been very effective.



Obviously, I should have learned my lesson the last time they got out of the fence.  We got them both back. They had both been skunked, so I took them for baths and took this picture when we got home.  I thought he didn’t need a microchip.  I was wrong.  Now he’s gone, and it’s been almost six weeks. I don’t think we will ever see him again.  I want to believe someone picked him up and loved him so much they gave him a new home.  But, I know that might not have happened too.  He couldn’t survive this long out on his own.  Nobody has turned him into a shelter. Every day I still check, get my hopes up, then get disappointed all over again.  He’s gone. I have to accept it. He’s not coming back.

Thanks for five fun years together Tom Brady.  We all love you and miss you and are so sorry we took off your collar. We are so sorry there was a crack in our fence and now we will never see you again.  We love you and miss you.  Goodbye Tom Brady.  We won’t forget you.

Thanks for reading this entry. Peace out!


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