Inspired by These Female Celebrities

rachel pinterest

Rachel Brathen is a yogi living in Aruba, spreading her love of yoga each day over her social media accounts.  She travels the world to teach yoga and inspires me every day to look up to the sky, be humble and grateful.


Lauren Rudick is the yogi who inspired me to start the #handstand365 challenge.  I only did 29, but I tried. And I felt inspired. I am still inspired daily by her pictures, her messages, and I also love her yoga jewelry that she hands makes with care.


Jennifer Aniston. Where do I start? I love her. She is probably my favorite actress. And she does yoga too.  I think I’ve seen every movie she is in.  I think my favorite role was when she starred in the Good Girl.  She is regular and ordinary, yet cool.


Gwyneth Paltrow became my idol when Brad Pitt asked her to marry her.   I also love how classy she is and how she can adapt to various accents in her acting roles.  My favorite movie she was in was Shakespeare In Love





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