Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam played in Dallas November 15, 2013 on their Lightning Bolt tour. Although I’ve been a fan since the beginning, it was my first time seeing them live. I got to see Eddie Vedder last year on his solo Ukelele Songs tour but hadn’t seen the entire band ever before.  Not only do I love Eddie Vedder, I love the guitarists from Pearl Jam (Mike McCready and Stone Gossard) too.  They are like guitar gods to me, so I really enjoyed the show watching them perform what I’ve only seen on MTV before.


I remember their breakthrough hit, Even Flow, back when Eddie was young, shirtless, with long messy hair and often hung off the rafters while performing it. I’ve had a crush on him ever since. Over the years he’s ventured out on his own and continued to write new music with the band too. Some of their new music still has some of that punk edge (Mind Your Manners) while some of it is mellow and introspective (Sirens). I like every song on the new album.  One thing is for sure, he writes what’s in his heart and the music makes me feel a wide spectrum of emotions.


Recently I learned they don’t play the same set list on tour (similar to the Grateful Dead). It’s a bit self indulgent not to play the hits the crowd wants to hear, but in a way it makes it more special to hear the hits. Eddie Vedder is a quirky guy and has never been known to follow the mainstream’s expectations. This spirit was evident in his soundtrack to “Into the Wild” and I also noticed at his solo show he was very strict about not taking pictures or videos. I almost got my phone taken away for taking pictures, and when I posted video on YouTube, it got taken down and I got a copyright warning. Oops! Going into the show, I reviewed all my favorite songs and made a wish list of the ones I hoped to see: Jeremy, Better Man, Yellow Ledbetter, Black, Elderly Lady Behind the Counter in a Small Town, Just Breathe, and Even Flow topped my list. Out of those, I got to see and hear Jeremy, Small Town, and Better Man, three classics. But I left the concert wishing they had also played Even Flow. How could they not play that one? Keeps fans like me wanting more and ready to buy that next concert ticket.  That’s the trick I guess.



Setlist Dallas, TX 11/15/13


Here are some video highlights from the show:  (Small Town) (Better Man) (Jeremy) (end of Jeremy) (Daughter)




Eddie’s grown up over the years and kept his shirt on for the entire concert.  However, he did swing around on the stage on one of the lights at the end of the show!  It was an awesome night that I won’t forget. Can’t wait to see them again.



Thanks for reading this entry. Peace out!



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