#handstand365 days 45-113 What I’ve Learned from Doing 113 Handstands

I started doing handstands in May 2013.  That was ten months ago.  I started doing them as another way to challenge myself.  Since then, friends ask, “What’s with the handstands? Is this like the new planking?”  I didn’t know how to do yoga handstands when I started or that I would learn some life lessons along the way…

1.  Have fun every day.

2.  I am strong enough. I can do it.

3.  Mind over matter.  My body won’t do anything my mind doesn’t tell it to.

4.  Even if it’s hard, try again.

5.  Be at peace with yourself.  Let things be the way they are.  You can’t change other people anyway.

6.  When people walk away, let them go.  It’s their issue, not mine.

7.  Meditation is like a bubble bath for the mind. It’s so soothing and so good for our brains to enjoy silence.

8.  Breathe. No matter what.  If things are stressful, breathe even more deeply and slowly.

9. Accept new challenges.

10.  Believe in myself.

11.  Give as much energy to my dreams as I do to my fears.

12.  Pay attention to form, find center, and balance.

13.  Who cares what other people think?

14.  Who made up the rules anyway?

15.  Find inner peace and things start to fall into place.

16.  Don’t let anyone else take away my inner peace. I can remain calm despite the circumstances.

17. Practice self-love. Do something to take care of myself every day. Be kind to myself.

18. Worrying about things doesn’t help so why bother?

19. Do what makes me happy!

20. It’s ok to take breaks and rest whenever tired. I don’t always have to be doing something. If I get more sleep I feel better anyway.

21.  It’s helpful to look at things from a different perspective sometimes.

Looking forward to the next couple hundred handstands! So thankful for the experience so far.

20140324-130755.jpg20140324-130807.jpg20140324-130816.jpg20140324-130827.jpg20140324-130835.jpg20140324-130846.jpg20140324-130857.jpg20140324-130914.jpg20140324-130905.jpg20140324-130924.jpg20140324-130933.jpg20140324-130945.jpg20140324-130952.jpg20140324-131052.jpg20140324-131103.jpg20140324-131112.jpg20140324-131120.jpg20140324-131129.jpg20140324-131138.jpg20140324-131147.jpg20140324-131157.jpg20140324-131205.jpg20140324-131215.jpg20140324-131223.jpg20140324-131230.jpg20140324-131238.jpg20140324-131248.jpg20140324-131300.jpg20140324-131319.jpg20140324-131330.jpg20140324-131338.jpg20140324-131346.jpg20140324-131355.jpg20140324-131402.jpg20140324-131413.jpg20140324-131443.jpg20140324-131422.jpg20140324-131451.jpg20140324-131502.jpg20140324-131509.jpg20140324-131516.jpg20140324-131540.jpg20140324-131531.jpg20140324-131524.jpg20140324-131547.jpg20140324-131553.jpg20140324-131600.jpg20140324-131607.jpg20140324-131617.jpg20140324-131623.jpg20140324-131631.jpg20140324-131637.jpg20140324-131643.jpg20140324-131649.jpg20140324-131656.jpg20140324-131702.jpg20140324-131709.jpg20140324-131716.jpg20140324-131723.jpg20140324-131804.jpg20140324-131817.jpg20140324-131823.jpg20140324-131829.jpg20140324-131835.jpg20140324-131840.jpgThanks for reading this entry. Peace out!


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