#handstand365 days 228-365: what I learned from doing 365 handstands 

I completed my handstand challenge after a little over two years since when I started.  I was supposed to do one handstand per day, but I didn’t. Instead, I kept doing handstands until I reached 365 of them.  It was hard. Consistency is hard. Challenging yourself is hard.  I’ve posted twice before about what I’ve learned along the way.  Since then, I’ve learned a few new things:

  1.  Hard work pays off.
  2. Get your mind centered and your body loose before you do handstands.
  3. Start from downward dog. Breath and stretch.  Then push forwards so your shoulders are on top of your wrists. Get on your tiptoes.  Inhale. Exhale and kick up.
  4. Stretching the legs out first into the splits helps me find my balance.  The hips have to fall in line with the shoulders and hips to get that balance.
  5. Once the legs and body are in balance, draw the legs together while sucking in the core and zipping the legs together.  Keep breathing.
  6. A lot of the balance relies on the palms of the hands.
  7. Cartwheel out of the handstand when needed.
  8. Try donkey kicking up into the handstand with both feet together and knees bent.  Again, get the shoulders and hips in line with the knees.
  9. What you demand of yourself, you can accomplish.
  10. Practice makes practice.  Keep practicing.

While I was doing the challenge, Logan Garments, a clothing company from the UK found me on Instagram and offered me a chance for sponsorship.   I contacted them and joined their “Team Talent” and have been posting content in an effort to become sponsored.

Since I finished the challenge, I’ve continued to practice yoga handstands with the goal of increased “air time” and further variations of the pose.  I would love to reach the point where I can control myself upside down and do fun variations with my legs.

It’s been an amazing journey, and I highly encourage you to try yoga handstands and other advanced yoga poses.  All you have to lose is your insecurities and phobias.  What you have to gain is increased fitness and self esteem.  Why not push yourself to become better than you are now?

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the pics. Peace out!





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