Fiction: Handle With Care

In January, I started writing fiction every Friday. It started as a January fiction challenge from my friend Molly at Grass Oil.  She posted a prompt, and we wrote different stories based on it, posting on Fridays.  February became romance month. March was a theme of luck and renewal.  April was clichés.

One prompt led to nineteen episodes (over 21,000 words so far) of an ongoing story of a woman, Amanda Kielsth, and her family.  She experiences tremendous loss and learns to live life according to a new normal despite all the obstacles in her way.  It’s a story of love, loss, grief, and joy, and it touches on many aspects of life including teen pregnancy, single-parenting,  safety regulations, marriage, parent and grand-parenting, friendships, and betrayal.  Amanda grew up in a dysfunctional family, married the man of her dreams, had five beautiful children, and built the picture perfect life, or so she thought.  Her story is about the fragility of life and finding light in the darkness.

Catch up episode by episode or start at the beginning of the entire series:  Handle With Care

7. Love
17.  Mothers
19.  Honesty

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