21 Day Yoga Girl Challenge Day 19: Random Act of Kindness #yogagirlchallenge


Happy to support my friend’s project, 31 Days of Urban Agriculture, using her art to educate people about urban farming. Everybody eats food, so this is something everyone can benefit from learning about.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lindsaycurren/31-days-of-urban-agriculture to check out and support the project.

I’m especially interested because of all my issues with food allergies, I try to eat mostly a whole foods diet. I avoid processed foods as much as possible and like the least amount of additives possible in my foods. I’ve had so much food allergy testing and every time I have more positive results.

I am sensitive to/intolerant of:

white potatoes and nightshade vegetables
lima beans


30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 25 Create

This is a picture of a painting I made on my birthday at Painting With A Twist. It’s my version of “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. It’s a fun place to go with friends or on a date night. Everybody makes different versions of the same painting, and an instructor tells the class what to do step-by-step. Classes last either two or three hours, and it’s ok to bring wine, drinks, and food to eat while there. I’ve been there a few times so far and really enjoyed myself. This is my favorite of the paintings I’ve done so far.

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31 Day Music Challenge: Day 23 A Song that You Want to Play at Your Wedding

Pachelbel's Canon in D - Free Sheet Music for ...

Pachelbel’s Canon in D – Free Sheet Music for Piano (Photo credit: Cantorion.org)


Pachelbel’s Canon in D” was one of the songs played at my wedding. It’s so pretty. Such a classic song.  We had all classical music playing during our wedding soundtrack, and this song was definitely one of the highlights.  Check out this version too – this guy rocks!


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31 Day Music Challenge: Day 10 A Song that Makes You Fall Asleep

English: Young Johann Sebastian Bach. 1715. Te...

English: Young Johann Sebastian Bach. 1715. Teri Noel Towe seems to demonstrate that the portrait is probably not of Bach http://www.npj.com/thefaceofbach/09w624.html. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



“Air” by Johan Sebastian Bach is a song I can fall asleep to. Although usually, I fall asleep to nature sounds like ocean waves or daybreak songbirds, I can’t exactly call those songs. They are sounds of nature. This piece by Bach is light and airy, pun intended. It’s soft, peaceful, and has a lovely melody. I could definitely float off to sleep listening to it!

English: Sunset at Ocean Beach in San Francisc...

English: Sunset at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The image was taken at negative low tide that happens just a few times per year. One could see how far away the ocean went back exposing the bottom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a video of a guy playing it on classical guitar.  I wish I could play it too!



clouds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: My daughter’s fiction entry won an award!

English: Twinkle Twinkle little star (English)...

English: Twinkle Twinkle little star (English) Lullaby from the Lullabies of Europe education project (see http://www.lullabies-of-europe.org/) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am so proud of my daughter (12). She won Honorable Mention in the Coppell Gifted Association fiction writing contest. Below are two pictures of her work. I’m so impressed with her writing skills overall and the vocabulary choices and sensitive personal references in her story. Enjoy!



Looking back I realize I lived a good life. Sure, there have been a few bumps in the road, but that’s normal, right?  I’ve made some mistakes but overall it was a good run.

I remember being a child; being so innocent and oblivious to all the bad things in the world. I remember my mother singing to me; my mother, how beautiful she was.  She had flaws like anyone else, but she tried her best to be perfect.  My father; always a strong man, yet he had a soft side for family.  My gorgeous sister; she was the funny one, the light of our family.  My baby brother shone brighter than the sun with his eyes full of wonder and curiosity.  Then there was my big brother; strongest of all fought for our country, and is my hero even through he doesn’t wear a cape.  This was my family, the best of the best.

As time went on, age took its toll…and my parents.  My siblings remain, but age is gripping the eldest the tightest and I know they’re on their way out.  As for me and my little brother, we’re doing alright for now.

I remember being a child; running around the yard playing tag with the little one.  I used to go to the nail salon with my big sister.  Sometimes I would travel to go see my big brother.  I remember being a teenager; and not quite being able to drive, and being mortified that my mom had to take me everywhere.  i remember my first kiss and my first date with a boy.  I remember growing up and realizing that my parents had been right about everything.  I remember my wedding day, and then my first child being born.  I remember both my parents’ funerals, and how tightly the despair gripped me, how emotionally damaged I was.  I remember my little girl turning 5, and all the tea parties we had together.  Then I remember the symptoms, terrible eczema rashes.  I remember going to the doctor and being diagnosed with cancer;  the doctor said it was spreading and I had 1 year to live.  All these memories are laid over me like a blanket.  That doctor appointment was 1 year ago.

Lights out, days end.  Close my eyes, dare to dream.  I remember my mother’s melodious voice singing, “Twinkle, twinkle little star.”  Suddenly I am being lifted out of my body.  “How I wonder what you are.”  My mother kept singing.  I saw the light come closer.  “Up above the world so high.”  I’m now looking down over my very own body.  “Like a diamond in the sky.”  Something isn’t right.  “Twinkle, twinkle little star.”  My eyes begin to open.  “How I wonder what you are.”  My eyes open, and I”m in the arms of my mother.  I’m a little girl again.  My eyes fill with tears.  I’m not dead; I’m surely alive.


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February Friday Fiction #5: Eyes are the Window to the Soul

February is romance month in my Fearless Fiction Femmes Fatales group.  We write different fictional stories based on the same prompts from Molly Field at Grass Oil.  Make sure to visit the other blogs to see what stories they wrote (links at bottom of this entry).   If you missed the January Fiction episodes, you can click on this link to start at the beginning:



He didn’t know it would be the last time he looked into her eyes when he complimented her.  “You have the prettiest eyes,” he said as if really seeing them for the first time.  They were deep green like the ocean on the Emerald Coast of Florida.  There was depth and breadth and body in her eyes.   There was kindness and wisdom, and there was naivety at the same time.   She was younger than he, barely more than half his age.  When they were saying goodbye, her eyes caught his attention.

She smiled in return and said a simple, “thanks,”  followed with a shy laugh.  They were both a little embarrassed and uncomfortable with the connection taking place, but were both overpowered by it nonetheless.  The chemistry between them was strong, and when they made eye contact it felt like fireworks inside for both of them.  Time stood still.  A rush of emotion flooded over them as they both grasped for words awkwardly.

He now understood why people say that eyes are the window to the soul.   He never noticed how striking her eyes were until then.   He felt a soul connection with her, and it grew deeper that sunny afternoon.  Perhaps it was the universe’s way of letting him see into her soul before it was too late?  It’s funny how things work that way.

green eyed girl..

green eyed girl.. (Photo credit: ~no bullshit~)

They met at the hospital one day when a mutual friend introduced them.  If he knew what kind of pain their relationship would cause in the future, he would have turned her away, but he didn’t have any way of telling the future.   All he could do was live life fully each day and hope that his actions today would bring him to  brighter and better tomorrows.They hugged, said goodbye, and she went on her way smiling and waving.  It was a warm and friendly embrace. She smelled like a fresh breeze, and he got goosebumps from feeling that breeze rush through his senses. The sun shone behind her blonde hair like a halo.  Her smile and her beautiful eyes were forever etched into his memory.   He waved,  admiring her fit petite body as she walked away.   God she is gorgeous he thought to himself.  He got lost for a few minutes speculating what it would be like to be intimate with her.   He imagined she had a body like a Victoria’s Secret model under her hospital scrubs.  She sent flirtatious messages, and although they were subtle he picked up on them.  They got along so well, and her hugs were so genuine.   She felt so natural in his arms. He felt young and desirable again when he was with her.  She’s way too young, and besides I’m married he reminded himself.  He felt guilty for even letting himself follow that thought.  If he acted on his impulses, it might be wonderful temporarily, but it would crush his family and ruin his life.

He was clearly in the lustful stages of attraction and infatuation with her.   He only knew her for about six months. They started meeting for lunches then taking walks together when they could steal away the moments.  They got along in a best-friendly manner even though they were in vastly different stages of their lives.  He saw her only at work when she was at her best. They laughed and told each other stories.  There was nothing to fight about and no boring routine to get used to.  She admired his maturity and prestigious reputation as one of the best neurosurgeons in the country.  She flattered him and brought to life a vibrant part of him that had been lying dormant for a long time.

His wife was his best friend a long time ago, but their romance turned into attachment and commitment.  It evolved into responsibility and day-to-day mundaneness.  He loved his wife, but he hadn’t looked into her eyes that way in more than a decade.  It was a very different kind of love.  The passion had waned from his marriage.

Although his life appeared perfect from the outside, he was suffering a lonely existence.  Tragedy befell his family when two of his children died in a car accident.  His wife withdrew into herself, sinking into a downward spiral of depression.  He felt disconnected from her emotionally and physically.  He struggled with his commitment and responsibilities to her and his family versus the passion he felt for this young woman.  He wished he could get all of his needs met by one woman so he didn’t have to struggle internally this way.  He imagined starting all over again with a new relationship, a new life with a young wife free from complications.  He couldn’t get it off his mind, but he went through the motions when he got home from work that night.  He ate some dinner and retreated to his office where he ‘worked’ until midnight while the house was quiet.  He did have some paperwork to catch up on, but mainly it was an excuse to be alone with his deviant thoughts.  He carefully weighed his options and decided to sleep on things.  Perhaps they could meet for lunch again tomorrow and see where things go on their own.

The next day, he woke up early with the alarm at 5:30am.  He went through his morning routine getting ready for work.  He had a full schedule seeing patients all day.   He turned on the news while he ate breakfast.  “Breaking news,” went across the bottom of the screen.  “23 year old woman found dead from an apparent drug overdose.  Police are investigating evidence collected at the scene.  More on this story when we return.”  Pictures  of her apartment building and her face filled the screen before programming broke for a commercial.    Her green eyes looked right through him.  He couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing.

His heart sank and his stomach flip-flopped.  He felt a wave of dizziness and sank to his knees.  He couldn’t hide his grief or mask his reaction.  Tears poured from his brown eyes uncontrollably, and he put his hands to his forehead and tried to slow his breathing.  He just saw her yesterday.  How could she be gone today?  Drug overdose? 

His wife heard him crying and came out of the bedroom to see what was going on. “Richard? Is everything ok?”  There was no answer.  He didn’t know what to say.  She held him as he wept.  The news came back on continued with more details. Cocaine and prescription bottles were discovered in the bathroom where her body was found.  There was no suicide note, so it’s not apparent if it was intentional or accidental.  “Did you know her?”  she asked.

“Yes, from the hospital,” he finally managed to answer.

“I’m sorry honey, why in the world would a beautiful young girl like that want to do drugs anyway?”  she didn’t know what to say either.

Richard was speechless.  Usually he was the strong person in the family.  Now he needed support.


Here is the prompt:   When was the last time you looked into someone’s gorgeous eyes? Maybe they were sea green and seemed to have all the secrets of the world behind them? What would happen if you had a chance to know this person intimately?

Then you find that person has a dark secret that would bring your perfect but lonely life to its knees.

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Daily Prompt: Musical – What role does music play in your life?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's compositions charact...

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s compositions characterized music of the classical era. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Music plays a huge role in my liferuns started playing violin when I was three years old and Also played a little guitar, piano, and clarinet when I was growing up. My mom got her master’s degree in piano and organ, anthese frequently played classical music at home. I am very familiar with many of the classical composers and downloaded some of my favorites like Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi on my iPhone.

I grew up in a DC suburb and started going to live shows at a young age (with a fake ID). I was into all kinds of music in the new-wave, post-punk era. When I was around nineteen years old, I saw the Grateful Dead for the first time. I was never a true “deadhead” who travelled the band around on tour, but I did see many of their shows as well as Jerry Garcia Band shows. I was a REM head from the beginning. Saw them many times. Followed the Meat Puppets on tour from Virginia to Colorado one summer.

Taken in New Haven, CT. Jerry Garcia WPLR Show

Taken in New Haven, CT. Jerry Garcia WPLR Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote a separate post listing all the shows I’ve seen, and that list grows all the time. Lots of awesome bands and solo artists come through Dallas, so we get out to concerts quite often. One of my favorite artists to see live is Jewel. Her talent amazes me. She is one of those rare artists who can entertain you with just their voices and a guitar.

English: Jewel 2008-06-05

I typically listen to music every single day. I hit shuffle on my iPhone and see what songs come up. It’s always interesting whenthe mix of songs matches something that’s on my mind or that’s going on in my life. Music makes me feel emotional and reflective. It can also bring out high energy and help to release anger. I like to make playlists for different purposes, and before digital music, I loved making mixed tapes and CDs as a cathartic experience when going through certain changes. I also sing all the time, either with or without music. Even though I irritate people, it’s my way of being joyful. And that is my right, damn it!

One of my dreams is to write a song one day. I still take guitar lessons and love to play all kinds of music, from rock to reggae, from folk to pop, from rap to bluegrass. Music is my life. When words fail, music speaks. It’s poetry put to rhythm and melody. It’s a sublime way of communicating. It’s math and science.

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Thank You


Thank you for visiting me in my world. This is a place where I look inside and out at the world around me and share my thoughts with you. I truly appreciate you taking time out of your day to stop and read my blog entries.

I started my blog in an effort to build a writing habit. It’s a place where I tell the story of my life and share my thoughts and opinions on topics that interest me.
And it means a lot to me that you are here for whatever reason you came.

I’ve always been a thinker, and it feels good to have a safe place to share my thoughts. I hope I can offer you something while you are here. We are all in this life together.