Feel The Emotion In The President


Fired up and ready to go!
Today is election day in America.  It’s the day we celebrate democracy by using our votes to select the candidate we believe is best for the job. Let’s finish what we started and keep moving forward.
 I support President Obama.

Growing up in a Washington DC suburb, I remember hearing about presidential politics from a young age.  I met President Carter when I played Suzuki violin with his daughter, Amy.  I went to President Reagan‘s inauguration.  I went to a pre-inaugural ball for President Clinton‘s reelection.  I’ve toured the white house and the capitol building (and many other monuments and museums downtown).  I voted in every election since I turned eighteen.  I’m interested in news and politics, and I’m excited about the election.  I hope we know the results tonight.

My nineteen year old daughter doesn’t want to vote because she doesn’t know enough about the issues to decide.  She says she doesn’t want to vote for President Obama just because her parents vote for him, and she doesn’t want to vote for Governer Romney just because her friends vote for him.  This is the first presidential election she’s been old enough to vote, so I can understand that, but I encouraged her to get informed on the issues so she can pick one.  I sent her a link to a quiz to help her.  I took it too.  We live in Texas, and while Dallas County will go to the President Obama, overall it’s a republican state.  So, I can see why it’s hard for her to decide.  But, I hope she does decide, and I hope uses her vote today.

The same goes for my twenty year old stepson.  He said he registered to vote, but last time we talked about it, he said he was still undecided also.

Just remember a few reasons why it’s important to get out and VOTE…

  • Someone is going to win the election and be president for the next four years.
  • People fought for the rights of black and female voters.
  • Some countries do not live in a democracy.
  • Each voice has an opportunity to be heard.
  • Voting is a civic duty.

30 Days of Truth: Day 19 – What Do You Think of Religion? or What Do You Think of Politics?

Religion and Politics…the third rail.  These are two topics people often say NOT to talk about.  However these are also two topics that are on my mind on a daily basis.  Since this prompt asked…let me answer the questions.

I’m a democrat and I support President Obama.  I’ve voted in every election since I was eighteen, and I voted democrat every time despite being raised by a republican mother.  I even worked for the Young Republicans when I was growing up in a DC suburb.  I opened President Reagan‘s mail!  I’m pretty sure it was my love affair with the environment and my genuine caring for those less fortunate than I that led me to lean left.  The more informed I become on issues, I find that I fall left of center. I’m pretty vocal about my convictions on my facebook site, so I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain much more here.  I even started my blog and facebook fan page so I would have a place to post things regarding politics and religion that I find interesting yet others may find offensive.  Whether we like it or not, whether we adhere to one of the two parties, one candidate and his or her party will win, and it affects our day to day lives.  So, I think politics is an important thing to talk about. I just try to be positive and support my candidate and the causes I care about and try to stay off the low road of insulting and criticizing the other candidate.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the candidates in this election.




In my opinion, religion was made up by humans to answer big questions like, “where am I from?” “why am I here?” and “where do I go after I die?”  Different cultures think different things.  Different religions teach different versions of the story.  What do they all have in common?  LOVE  so, I’d say that LOVE is my religion!  We are all brothers and sisters of the human race, sharing this wonderful life on this beautiful planet.  I seek to find common ground with others and honor the place in others where we are the same person.


I am agnostic.  That means I believe there might be a higher power, but I don’t know what it is.  There is no evidence to support or deny God’s existence. I was raised Christian and celebrate Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter.  My mom was a chuch organist and a devout Methodist, so as a child I was forced to attend church every Sunday for hours while she played three services. I’d attend Sunday School, a church service, then have an hour to kill during the third service. I would typically run around the church or sit in the car and listen to Casey Casem‘s top 40 countdown.  When I was in the services, I remember daydreaming and doodling.  I tried to listen. I really did.  But it was so boring, and none of it made any sense to me.  I remember sitting there doodling my imaginary married name and those of my future children and listening to an old man standing up telling me stories that didn’t apply whatsoever to my life.  I didn’t like going, but I was forced to go until I turned 18.

When I went to college, I studied Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Chinese Philosophy.  It opened up my mind to other ways of thinking.  I realized Christianity wasn’t the only religion in the world.  I liked much of what the eastern teachings said and how they respect nature and aim to go with the flow of the universe.  There is no external god in these religions.  God, or the divine nature, lives within each of us.  Heaven and Hell are experienced right here on earth.  Life is reincarnated, and each life is determined based on the karma of the past life. Spiritual enlightenment means achieving a purely spiritual state and freedom from the wheel of rebirth.  I like how the focus of eastern religions is on living life right here on Earth. It’s the only life we are sure of, and indeed we all share the same divine spark.

When my first daughter was a few years old , I started going to Unitarian Universalist Church.  People recommended that to me, and I liked the open minded philosophy.  UUs believe we are part of an interconnected web of life and that no one religion holds the cornerstone on truth.  They welcome all people including atheists, lesbian/gay/transgender people, and people of all religions and everywhere in between.  They put emphasis on the spiritual search for truth, and honor everyone’s individual path along that journey.  Emphasis is placed on being grateful for every breath and on how to live our lives in positive ways.

I stopped going to the UU church in 2008 when a good friend died in a tragic accident, and the minister didn’t have time to meet with me to help me with my grief.  It may have been the failing of one man instead of the religion, but I realized then that there is no comforting story about what happens after death.   I realized then that there really are no answers to what happens after death and that we just tell ourselves these things to make ourselves feel better.
It’s really just scienceClick here to see a video of what I mean by that.
To me, the universe is God, and the fact we have life at all on this planet is amazing and incomprehensible.   The scientific revolution occurred thousands of years after the bible was written, so it’s no surprise there is no science in the bible.  Science has gone against much of what was taken as fact in the bible such as the creation/evoultion debate and the fossil record.  The bible is a series of book written by many authors, and then only some of the books were published while others were left out.  There is scientific evidence for much of the phenomena in our lives, so that’s what I choose to believe.  The rest of it is a mystery, and I bow down in humility to the higher forces of the universe that make life possible.  I don’t know where I was before I was born, and I dont’ know where I will go after I die, but I do know that I am focused on living every day to its fullest and with love, kindness, and compassion in my heart.  Life does go on, so I surrender to the ongoing force that was in place millions of years before my life and that hopefully continues on into infinity. I don’t know what happens next, but I am certainly grateful for the life I’ve been given.

Presidential Debate 10/3/12


Romney wins? He wins what?  Romney had me at, “I like coal.”  That alone says  a lot, and there is a stark difference between him and President Obama.  Romney’s body language was not presidential, and he was rude and interrupted both his opponent and the moderator. He wins interrupter-in-chief and attacker-in-chief.

Obama was not on the attack. Yes, he could have and should have mentioned important issues like climate change and the 47% and press his opponent for details on his plans.  He didn’t get down in the mud and fight with his opponent.  Some say that he got his ass kicked.  I say he took the high road and was respectful of the moderator and maintained presidential compusure.  He faced the moderator mostly, although he did make eye contact with Romney too.   He faced the camera and spoke to the American people.  He didn’t attend every argument he was invited to.  He could have done a better job of fighting back.  I wish he would have answered the “trickle-down government” question.  That was clearly a zinger rehearsed by the Romney campaign to say, ‘nu-uh you’re the one who trickles down’  (like in Tommy Boy when they are in the car eating m&ms and they roll down the dashboard).

But the approaches to the issues are still the same regardless of what was said last night.  Obama wins on having facts and details.  Obama is a net job creator.  Obama has a clear vision for clean energy growth balanced with domestic use of oil.  Obamacare keeps young people on their parents plans longer, provides preventative care at 100% and health care for many people who can’t afford it now including seniors.

Going into the debate, I expected President Obama to win. He did and does and will have my vote because I agree with and support his visions for ways to move forward into the future.  Going back to failed policies of the past like trickle-down economics is like Einstein’s definition of insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Listen people, the choice is clear. If you don’t know who you are voting for by now, you’re not looking at the issues. It’s time for you to look at each issue and see where you stand. Register to vote and use your vote. I won’t tell you whom to vote for, but I will tell you to vote because you can. Yes. you can!


A picture’s worth a thousand words | Greenpeace USA

A picture’s worth a thousand words Greenpeace USA

We didn’t win Greenpeace’s “Save the Whales” photo contest but we were featured on the “Some of Our Favorites” slideshow! Hundreds of photos were submitted from all around the country asking President Obama to keep his promise and vote to keep the ban on commercial whaling when he meets with the International Whaling Commission on June 3.

in the hospital

Here I am in a hospital bed, waiting for my next dose of pain meds. My ankle is throbbing again and the pain gets unbearable after about 2 hours. The surgery went well but the cast was too tight so I had to come back last night and spend the night and am here all day today for observation and pain management. In some ways, it’s nice to have a break from the day to day stuff. I’m catching up on the news and brought my laptop so I can play around on facebook and watch the two chick flicks I brought with me (Atonement and Across the Universe).

I still haven’t seen Sierra since she got home last night. We talked on the phone today. She is home watching Zoe and Thomas. I hope to go home tonight after the dr. comes to visit me and makes sure I am ok.

Today is President Obama’s 48th bday, happy birthday Mr. President! I heard on the news today that he is planning to address the problem of texting while driving. I think that’s a great idea. Too many people are losing their lives because they are texting while driving, and several studies have shown it increases your likelihood of having an accident and is actually more dangerous than drinking while driving.

The health care debate still continues. The Republicans are afraid our health care system will be socialized and government will take over private insurances. I really don’t think that is the case. Obama has said in the past he supports a single-payer system, but more recently it’s been my understanding that he wants to provide a public option as a competitor to run alongside private insurance and bring the costs down in the private sector. If you like your private insurance you can keep it. It makes sense to me that we should tax all the unhealthy stuff more to help with the costs of health care. People who are obese or who smoke all the time are very expensive to care for, and really they are just doing it to themselves. They don’t take care of themselves and then expect the doctors and medicines to fix them. Same with sodas and fast food etc. Diabetes is a major health problem as is heart disease and cancer. People should have an incentive to take care of themselves, eat right, and exercise. Prevention is important.

Even though our health insurance is crazy expensive and has high deductibles and copays, I am so thankful to have it. This stupid ankle injury is going to cost me lots of $$ but at least I am able to get the care I need. I am so thankful Joe was able to take yesterday off to be with me and to bring me back to the hospital and care for the kids.

I think it would be cool to be a doctor. If I could go back in time and do it all over again, I would have started college on a premed program and become a doctor of some sort. I wish I would have figured that out earlier, but oh well. It is what it is, and I am happy with being a mom and a math tutor. I really enjoy working one on one with students and focusing on math since it’s my favorite subject and I’m good at it! If I were to become a doctor, I’d be interested in being an ob/gyn or maybe a medical examiner. After I has Sierra in 1993, I worked as a midwife’s assistant and was fortunate enough to experience more than 30 home-births with her. Hypothetically, I don’t think I’d want to be a midwife because there is so much controversy about it. I’d want to deliver babies in a hospital or birthing center though. That would be really cool. On the flip side, I am also fascinated by medical examiners’ jobs although it seems a little gross to be working on dead people. All in all, I think it would be interesting to work in those fields, life and death. If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?

Obama’s birth certificate and the health care debate

I’m listening to the news (msnbc) and I don’t see why there is still a debate about Obama not being born in America. It’s already been substantiated that he was born in HI. It’s ridiculous. Let it go people. And who cares about the beer summit and what kinds of beer they drank. I think all the republicans who are complaining need to get over it and accept Obama won the election fair and square and get on board to try to find some middle ground.

Chiming in on the health care debate – glad to hear there has been some compromise on the ideas for reform and hopeful they will figure out a win/win solution. I think offering a public option in addition to private insurance is a smart idea. If you like your private insurance you can keep it. If you don’t you can go to the public option. They have to figure out how everything will be paid for, but I am hopeful and confident they can come with some solutions.

The dow is up, we are losing jobs slower than six months ago, the recession is slowly coming around. I think we are headed in the right direction.