Perot museum: Animals Inside Out

Check out these pictures from the Animals: Inside Out exhibit at the Perot Museum in Dallas, Texas.  It’s a special exhibit with various animals including humans after going through a process called ‘plastination.’  Bodies are preserved and turned into plastic, making it possible to see anatomy of living things like never before.  It was a fascinating experience to see the complex body systems that make up the diversity of life!20131028-141439.jpg

Above is a picture of an octupus.  Below is the reflection of its underside.20131028-141516.jpg


Close-up of the eye of a giant squid. Beautiful, I think!20131028-143200.jpg

Two giant squids with tentacles entwined.20131028-143218.jpg

A Mako shark, the fastest in the world.  A student volunteer said they can swim up to 88 miles an hour (that we know of).  What a fun volunteer job, working at a nature and science museum.20131028-143308.jpgA



This is a camel, and its neck and head have been sliced into three sections to show different levels of its anatomy.  It was quite large. I’ve never seen a camel in real life before.20131028-143702.jpg




This is the blood vessel network in a dog!  How did they do that?  It’s obviously dyed red for effect.20131028-143749.jpg




I stopped and looked at the human leg for a long time, as well as the entire human body.  I’ve seen human anatomy in books, but that’s it.  My legs are frequently sore, stiff, and painful after seven surgeries on the right and one on the left. So, I found it fascinating to look at the musculature and try to ascertain which ones I feel aching from time to time.  20131030-130738.jpg


20131028-143638.jpgThis was amazing, a cat’s nervous system!  How did they take it out of its body intact like that?  I assume our nervous systems look similar.  Mind completely blown!

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Dallas World Aquarium

These are some of the critters we saw when we went to the Dallas World Aquarium a few weeks ago. My oldest (20) was home from school and wanted to visit the aquarium before she went back to college for the rest of the summer. I was happy to hear she wanted to go!  It was cool because as we entered the building its started off looking like a zoo with land animals and a large aviary with waterfalls and water below.  We transitioned from land and air animals to water then underwater animals inside the aquarium.  These are some pictures of cool things I saw.20130527-145447.jpg

Yum, I love crab legs!  These crabs were huge!







Just keep swimming!



I wonder how they stand on one leg like that when they are sleeping.


This is me doing a handstand outside the front door for the #handstand365 challenge.

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31 Day Music Challenge: Day 7 A Song that Reminds You of a Certain Event

The Reivers

The Reivers

“Araby” by The Reivers reminds me of the time I saw them live at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC in late 1986 or early 1987.   The 9:30 Club was my weekend hangout, a fun club with live music and multiple bars. The drinking age was 18 back then.  The stage was in the corner, and that main room was filled with people standing up, no seating.  The camera person sat in a perch above the crowd.  They were Zetigeist then and have since changed their name to The Reivers.   I went downstairs and got to meet the band and made friends with the drummer, Garrett Williams.   He was sweaty, and I gave him an extra shirt. I’m not lying. That’s how we met. They are from Austin, Texas, and now I live near Dallas, Texas.  I saw Garrett not too long ago on a trip to Austin.  It was awesome to see him after so many years!  After some time apart, The Reivers are back together and put out another CD called Second Story.   If you haven’t checked them out yet, download the album Translate Slowly.  Let me know how you like it. It was part of the soundtrack of my youth!

garrettWith Garrett in Austin, TX 2012

Here is a video of them playing Electra at the 9:30 Club:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures


We rang in the new year at the Four Seasons.


In February, I turned 44. My husband made this ‘cake’ for me out of fruit and dark chocolate (with beer sugar) since I have so many food allergies and don’t eat regular cake.


Sunset on our street. It’s beautiful every day.


Justin Bieber party for my daughter and my son’s birthday cake.


Work event at the Dallas Arboretum with my husband’s law firm. Cool sculptures on display there.


Doing handstands in the pool with one of my daughters. We love swimming!


Beach week in Destin, FL with my husband and kids. It’s one of my favorite beaches!


Cool clouds


Looked up one day when it was about to storm and saw this little patch of blue sky. I thought it looked like a heart.


We were Katniss and Batman for Halloween.


Sunrises are beautiful here too.


We went to Reno, NV for Christmas vacation. Just got home tonight.

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Eddie Vedder

I got tickets today to see Eddie Vedder next week, and I’m so excited I can barely stand it!! I have never seen him or Pearl Jam, but I love him and their music. He’s awesome in the band, and I fell in love with his solo work after seeing the movie, Into the Wild. the soundtrack is all Eddie Vedder. Not typically a fan of the ukulele, I downloaded his new album from itunes and love it. Eddie brings a certain charisma and talent to make even a ukelele song sound good. He postponed his solo tour in April, and he will be on Dallas only for one night. I can’t wait to see him performing live!!

30 Days of Truth: Day 7-Someone Who Has Made Your Life Worth Living

I’m dropping the ‘for’ at the end of this sentence on purpose. I don’t think it belongs there.  Grammar aside, this question is well worth asking and answering.  My first thought was my husband. I gave it a couple of days, and my answer is still my husband, Joe.  He makes my life worth living.  I kind of don’t like this question because to me all life is worth living.  But if you are going to ask me who is the most important person in my life and who is the person I couldn’t live without, it is definitely Joe.

I met him in 1998 when he was a personal trainer at a gym (I was his 12:30 appointment one Sunday) and I had just moved to Reno, NV for my first teaching job.  We clicked right away, became quick friends and running mates.  I broke off an engagement with another guy (the guy I moved to Reno with) because it didn’t make sense to me that I was to marry him when I spent all my time with my best friend Joe from the gym.  I was clear with Joe about my goals, to be remarried and to have another baby.  Sierra was six when we got married in 1999, and we had Zoe in 2000.  Let me talk for a minute about being a single mom with Sierra trying to find a new husband.  I was never at a lack for dates, but what was lacking was the kind of guy who was not afraid of commitment and fatherhood.  Joe stepped right up and loved Sierra because he loved me.  Amazing.

We married in 1999, had Zoe in 2000, and moved to Virginia in 2001 so he could start law school.  We had Thomas in 2004, and then I stopped working to be a full time mom.  In 2006, we moved to a bigger house in Texas, and just this year he made partner at his law firm in Dallas.  Although I returned to work for a few years, I’m now back at home full time and tutoring math part time.  Joe supports me in whatever I want to do.  Even as a stay home mom, he supports me in having ‘me’ time, and he helps out with grocery shopping and cooking now and then to give me a break.  He works hard for us to enjoy a nice quality of life.  He is my best friend and an excellent father to our kids. He spends time with them one on one so they can develop healthy relationships, so the kids can grow up assured that their father values them, something I lacked so much in my youth.

He made all my dreams come true and fathered two beautiful children with me.  He wants me to be happy, and he’s there for me when I need him.  He is smart and challenges me intellectually.  He is sweet and loves me just the way I am.  He believes in me, and he says that I bring out the best in him.  Of course we have our issues and little fights like every married couple, but without Joe my life would fall apart.  He is my person, my rock, my soft place to land.  He makes my life worth living.