30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 20 Water


This is a picture of the outdoor pool at my gym, my favorite place to be on the weekends and in the summers. Since we live in Texas and it’s pretty hot here, the pool at the gym opens up about a month earlier and stays open about a month later than usual. I’ve always loved swimming and can remember learning the different strokes as a child in lessons. I’m thankful today that I learned all four strokes as a child because as an adult it was easy to pick up swimming as a healthy habit since I remembered how to do it. My two daughters both swam on swim teams in elementary school, but then they both became dancers so they didn’t pursue swimming, but I’m happy they learned how to do it as children. My youngest child, my son, can swim pretty well while playing around in the water, but he hasn’t learned to swim laps in a straight line yet. We just started his swimming lessons the other day. Summer is full of fun things to do, but swimming is definitely my favorite!  Our gym, Lifetime Fitness, also has indoor pools with a water slide as well as jacuzzis, steam rooms, and saunas.  It’s my favorite place to go to work out and unwind.

Thanks for reading this entry. Peace out!


30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 12 Down


On June 12, I went to the pool at our gym and decided to take the ‘down’ picture using my Skyview Free app. It’s really cool because no matter where you are, it shows you space: the sun and moon, stars, satellites, and the space station. If you point your iPhone down, it shows you what is directly under where you are on the Earth. Talk about perspective! When I pointed the iPhone down, this is where I was and what I saw. There was a satellite, and the constellation Sagittarius beneath me.

I’ve always loved the stars and constellations. It helps me find perspective.

Thanks for reading this entry. Peace out!

Daybook 4/2/13


Outside my window…It’s getting dark. The sky is a soft pale blue gray with clouds and the sun peeking through as it sets. It rained lightly today, so the ground is a little wet. Yesterday it was sunny and 80 degrees! It’s still warm today, but it’s cloudier. It’s warm enough for the outside pool to be open at our gym. I fell asleep outside there this weekend while I was waiting for a lap lane to open up.

I am thinking…my foot hurts. There comes a time during the day when I have to sit down. We just got back from Thomas’s Taekwondo class. He goes twice a week. Zoe is at dance for five hours tonight.

I am thankful…for life, for my husband and my kids and my relative health.

In the kitchen…dinner is almost ready. Tonight, we are having chicken, vegetable, and rice noodle soup. I roasted cauliflower, broccoli, red pepper, and asparagus then put it all in the food processor. The soup is very thick and chunky with veggies. Yum!

I am wearing…light blue sweats and a black t-shirt from Painting with a Twist (that I won from the weirdest thing in your purse contest during ZTA mom’s weekend).

I am creating…this week’s fiction episode. I have the prompt and am thinking about where to go in the story with it. This week, I compiled all thirteen episodes in one document, Handle with Care, and it was over 14,000 words. I also entered a fiction contest with a $1000 prize and publication with just under 5,000 words.

I am going…to PT twice a week for my knee. I hurt it a few weeks ago. Apparently, my kneecap isn’t tracking right. It hurts to walk and to move it, so I’m focusing on it for a couple weeks to see if it will improve. I’ve learned that kneecap tracking issues can be related to quadricep insufficiency and to stretched ligaments. Although it also hurts on the back of my knee, the surgeon said there is no more meniscus left on the lateral posterior side to tear. He should know because he did the last two meniscus repairs (out of five total on the right knee).

I am wondering…how Zoe did on her STAAR writing test today. She said she thinks she completely misunderstood the prompt. But it’s not like her to be off base during testing. In fact, she generally scores in the advanced categories and sometimes has perfect scores. She said she wrote a personal narrative, and other people told her they wrote expository pieces. Not sure what to think about that.

I am reading…fiction written by other bloggers in our group, Friday Fiction Friends. There are thirteen of us now, and we all write fiction based on the same prompt. It’s interesting to see the different interpretations of the prompts and to meet all the different characters. I’ve also been reading some non-fiction about music theory. I’ve been learning about key theory and what chords go in the different major keys.

I am hoping…we are able to go to Virginia this summer. Our friend is getting married, and we would like to have beach week there attached to that trip instead of going to Destin, FL this summer. We haven’t made any plans yet, but I sure hope we are able to make the trip! It’s been five years since we’ve visited Virginia.

I am looking forward to…summer. I hate getting up early in the morning. It will be so nice to get more sleep in the summer time. I also can’t wait to spend time at the pool with the kids and lying in the sun. The kids can take swimming lessons at our gym too. They’ve done it in the past, but not every summer!

I am learning…the solo for “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC. I can get through it, but not as fast as the recording and not as good at all. I need to work on speed and techniques like vibrato. It’s hard, but I enjoy it, and I have a guitar teacher who comes over for a lesson every week.

Around the house…got caught up on the laundry today. Rescued a remote-control helicopter from the roof this morning. Refrigerator is majorly full. Sierra’s room is empty again; she went back to college yesterday after spending Easter weekend with us at home. Lots of pictures to frame and hang.

I am pondering…how to get more sleep. Took a nap today, and it was wonderful. I think I need to do that more often. Once I have coffee, I’m usually up for the day and don’t ever try to go back to sleep once everybody leaves for school and work. Bedtime is usually after ten (sometimes I crash earlier) and when the alarm goes off in the morning, I am never feeling rested. Weekends I do sleep in, but getting through the week is rough. I don’t know how some people function on less sleep. I’m just one of those people who needs more than average.

A favorite quote for today…”Seduce my mind and you can have my body. Find my soul and you can have me forever.” ~Anonymous

One of my favorite things…massages (had a sixty minute one today).

A few plans for the rest of the week: gym/pool tomorrow, PT Thursday, tutoring Wednesday through Friday.

A peek into my day…



Weekly Photo Challenge: Change of Seasons


This is the pool at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas. It’s one of my very favorite places to be in the summer. And since summer lasts a long time here in Texas, the pool season is extended at private pools like this one.

Last weekend, my husband and I stayed there to celebrate his birthday. I stopped to take this picture because the golden leaves looked so pretty in contrast with the blue pool.

It reminds me of changing seasons because the trees are turning colors and losing their leaves as the weather gets colder. The chairs and pool are empty. In a few more months it will be warm and sunny again. And we will be back to enjoying lounging by the pool. Until then, I appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons!