31 Day Music Challenge: Day 10 A Song that Makes You Fall Asleep

English: Young Johann Sebastian Bach. 1715. Te...

English: Young Johann Sebastian Bach. 1715. Teri Noel Towe seems to demonstrate that the portrait is probably not of Bach http://www.npj.com/thefaceofbach/09w624.html. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



“Air” by Johan Sebastian Bach is a song I can fall asleep to. Although usually, I fall asleep to nature sounds like ocean waves or daybreak songbirds, I can’t exactly call those songs. They are sounds of nature. This piece by Bach is light and airy, pun intended. It’s soft, peaceful, and has a lovely melody. I could definitely float off to sleep listening to it!

English: Sunset at Ocean Beach in San Francisc...

English: Sunset at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The image was taken at negative low tide that happens just a few times per year. One could see how far away the ocean went back exposing the bottom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a video of a guy playing it on classical guitar.  I wish I could play it too!



clouds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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